The Reaper™ Exoskeleton Support System

The combination of the MRAPS® rifle rated shield supported by The Reaper™ exoskeleton grants tactical personnel ballistic protection during short or long-term missions without fatigue in locations where traditional heavy mobile rifle protective armor systems (vehicles and wheeled shields) would be impossible to operate.


"Weightless suspension"

The Reaper™ is not a reel, but rather an advanced zero gravity “weightless” component permitting the user to position the shield and weapon combination wherever / whenever desired for extremely accurate delivery of firepower while protected behind a multi-hit rifle rated ballistic shield.

"Eliminate Fatigue"

There is a limited period of time that even the strongest person can support a ballistic shield in front of their body.  Exponentially quicker fatigue occurs as the weight of the shield platform increases.  As fatigue of a muscular group occurs, so does the steady control of the weapon and shield, adversely degrading shooting accuracy, operational endurance and margins of safety.

"accuracy and mobility"

The Reaper™ exoskeleton support system minimizes muscular engagement of the users’ forearms, biceps and shoulders, transferring the weight of the shield and loaded weapon onto the hips and torso - significantly increasing mobility, endurance, accurate delivery of firepower, and mission success.