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“The most significant improvement in officer safety of the 21st century.”

— December 2012 International Training Class

“After three years of use and endless force-on-force scenarios putting it through the paces, the Baker Batshield® is hands down the best product on the market!”

— Sgt. Larimie Lancaster - South Jordan Police Department

“I wanted sincerely to thank you about the quality of your shield.”

— Captain Joel Dhombres - French DEA Tactical Team

“...this product is a must have tool in our tactical and patrol duties toolbox.”

— Scott Felchock - City of Bethlehem

“Easy to use, fast to deploy and lightweight.”

— Officer - Minnesota

“I used the Baker Batshield® for the first time on a raid last night. Let Al know it was outstanding!”

— Detective McCarty - Fort Wayne Police Department

“Firing at multiple targets patrol officers engaged the threats while moving laterally...”

— Officer - California

“The Baker Batshield® is a Godsend”

— Mike Stilley – Investigator Canadian County Sheriff's Office Oklahoma Special Operations Team

“Awesome product, we are very pleased!”

— Training Sergeant – British Columbia

“Officers from both departments quickly learned the specific training points and many now appreciate the advantages a Baker Batshield® affords the user during an active shooter situation...”

— Eastern Michigan University Police Dept.

“...the stopping capability of the Baker Batshield® is phenomenal.”

— Commander Martin Rowley – Portland Bureau of Police

“...One of these in each trunk would be a good idea.”

— Lt. Frank Borelli - Training Commander / DHS Coordinator