Thank you! Evaluated the MRAPS level III++ in the regular size, and the ResponderBat while on patrol. Both shields are absolutely incredible in quality and function, and easily fit on the passenger side in front. The daily safety of all patrol officers are greatly benefited by use of either of these Baker Ballistics shields.
— Officer K.C. - Manheim Boro PD, PA
Years ago at an IALEFI conference, we “wore” and shot live-fire from a Baker Batshield with both a handgun and M16 with satisfactory results. That was training conducted by famous NYPD/ESU retired Lt. Al Baker himself, pioneer and inventor of ballistic shields whose life was saved multiple times by shields. That Baker Batshield was only rated for handgun rounds, but it was light and highly maneuverable. The company continued to improve their products to include RIFLE PROTECTION.
— Ron Borsch - Founder, Manager & Lead Trainer (1998 - 2015) SEALE Regional Police Training Academy - Bedford, OH
I have been a shield operator for three years and just evaluated an MRAPS threat level III++ with the Reaper attached to the MOLLE grid on the back of my tactical vest. Absolutely outstanding combination. The Baker Ballistics people promised I could move and shoot my M4 accurately without any fatigue, and they were right! The MRAPS and Reaper combination really is a game-changer.
— Officer Dan Spychalski, Chicago area PD, IL
Carried a Baker Batshield on patrol for over four years and then transitioned to a MRAPS level IV. I’ve used both the Batshield and MRAPS shields many times during interactions with armed individuals, including talking down then removing an armed suicidal individual (got his girlfriend out first) from their vehicle using the MRAPS .... wouldn’t have attempted it without this shield. Thanks for making a very high quality and effective safety product!
— Officer Sal Mascoli - Las Vegas, NV
What we’ve found over the years is the stopping capability of the Baker Batshield® is phenomenal.
— Commander Martin Rowley, Portland Bureau of Police, OR
Over four years ago our SWAT team started running the point personnel with a shield on all high-risk entries and HRT situations. We researched a shield that was lightweight, user friendly and offers the point person the option of using a long gun. We ran across the Baker Batshield® and started applying it to our tactics. After three years of use and endless force-on-force scenarios putting it through the paces, the Baker Batshield® is hands down the best product on the market!
— Sgt. Larimie Lancaster - South Jordan Police Department, UT