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MRAPS®-IV (Mobile Rifle Armor Protective Shield)

Advanced proprietary SiC ceramic faced polyethylene armor composite matrix combined with battle ready shock-absorbing support hardware – engineered using the world’s lightest and toughest materials:  Carbon fiber, Aluminum, Kevlar, and advanced heat-treated metal alloy.

Designed to be worn!  Baker Ballistics patented Bungee/Quick Release carry system allows the MRAPS®-IV to be suspended off both shoulders “hands-free” for elimination of user fatigue and ease of weapon manipulation.  Optional, The Reaper™, exoskeleton weightless support system allows for long term comfortable wear and exceptional mobility for lipping doors and corners during high speed tactical operations.

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  • NIJ level IV ballistic shield hand carried – no wheels or field assembly required
  • Protects against steel cored armor-piercing and incendiary projectiles
  • Accurate centerline aiming
  • Load-bearing dual bungees with quick release eliminates fatigue and provides hands-free capability
  • Self-Aligning Weapon Support (SAWS™) long-gun positioning/aiming device efficiently indexes with Picatinny Rail
  • Ambidextrous design allows for left or right handed usage and weapon mounting


Total Weight: 25.2 lbs (11.4 kg.)

Dimensions: 30″ (76 cm) tall by 15.5″ (39 cm) wide

Model ID#: MRAPS®-IV

Ballistic Components: Proprietary polyethylene / SiC ceramic armor, carbon fiber and polyuria matrix

Support/Trauma Reduction Hardware: Honeycomb, aluminum, heat-treated steel, Kevlar®, carbon composite, closed-cell foam

Skeletized support hardware components for weight reduction

Threat Level(s): NIJ Level III edge to edge & NIJ Level IV within ceramic faced regions


MRAPS®-IV ceramic regions are capable of defeating multiple impacts from the following high-penetration shoulder fired weapon threats at typical muzzle velocities:

  • .30/06 M2 steel core armor piercing
  • 5.56 X 45mm M855 M855A1 M995 steel core armor piercing
  • 7.62 X 39mm steel core armor piercing
  • 7.62 X 51mm steel core armor piercing
  • 7.62 X 54mm steel core armor piercing

The entirety of the MRAPS®-IV, including the outer perimeter regions not faced with ceramic is capable of defeating the following center-fire rifle caliber lead core projectile threats at typical muzzle velocities:

  • 5.56 X 45mm M193 FMJ
  • 6.8 X 43mm SPC
  • 7.62 X 39mm FMJ including mild steel core (MSC)
  • 7.62 X 51mm NATO ball
  • 7.62 X 54mm 180 gr. Heavy ball FMJ


  • Free-Floating Boltless Handle System
  • Available Colors: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote & Tan
  • Skeletonized ambidextrous adjustable handhold(s) & support hardware for
    additional weight reduction and user comfort
  • Dual bungee hands-free weight support system with quick release
  • SAWS™ ambidextrous “Self Alignment Weapon Support” platforms (2)
  • QuikDon™ – Instant wear neck collar attachment to dual bungee system
  • Provision for instant attachment to optional “The Reaper™” exoskeleton support
  • Fastex® female buckles – Provides dual bungee and quick release attachment to
    users’ tactical body armor anchor points (to the drag strap, MOLLE, etc.)
  • Anchor point included for Reaper exoskeleton support hookup
  • Protective padded carrying bag with shoulder strap and handholds
  • Easily set up for 2 handed dedicated man operation



  • Lighting system: Wide-angle high-intensity LED with remote switch capability
  • “The Reaper™” exoskeleton carrying system
  • Ballistic Rough Operations Cover (ROC) protects ceramic facing from severe impacts, at the users’ discretion instantly lowers to provide level IIIA ballistic leg protection, & detaches to be used as a secondary shield
  • Carbon Fiber Telescoping Monopod – provides support during stationary shield positioning at users’ choice of height off the ground
  • Custom colors/camouflage (minimum quantity may apply)
  • Custom identification decals
  • Hard Point Yoke Mounting Harness (used over tactical armor lacking upper anchor points)
  • Non-ballistic MRAPS®-IV training shield available

U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,595,101  6,886,446  7,520,206  8,584,571 & others pending

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