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Rifle-Protective Shields

Mobile Rifle Armor Protective Shields – The “High Speed” Option

Finally – Rifle Protection That Does Not Require Wheels!

MRAPS ballistic shield

MRAPS® Shield

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MRAPS®-IV front

MRAPS®-IV Shield

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Two Rifle-Protective Shields To Choose From

MRAPS® and MRAPS®-IV patented ballistic shield models protect against centerfire rifle caliber threats while enabling users the capability of accurately firing long-guns or handguns while on the move. The armor components are constructed utilizing an exclusive and proprietary military grade polyethylene composite armor matrix – the most weight efficient NIJ rated level III and IV ballistic shields available.

MRAPS® and MRAPS®-IV Ballistic Shield Features

  • Patented Bungee / Quick Release load bearing carrying system
  • Hands-Free capability for fast reloading, weapon transitions and clearing malfunctions
  • Accurate delivery of firepower – long guns and handguns
  • Smooth transitions between weapons
  • Natural centerline aiming – increases accuracy & effectiveness
  • SAWS – Self Aligning Weapon Support indexes with Picatinny Rail to improve accuracy of rapid fire
  • Exceptional visibility on the move & while using weaponry
  • Easy & Intuitive to use – seamlessly integrates into established weapons training protocols
  • Composite armor construction absorbs projectile impacts – maximizes appropriate response
  • Battle hardened – exceptional multi-hit performance enhances safety
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Available with optional LED Lighting