MRAPS® Series Optional Accessories


The Reaper™  with backpack

The Reaper™


A unique patented micro-component exoskeleton shield weight support system is an available option for all MRAPS® Series rifle protective ballistic shields.  The Reaper™ support unit is mounted onto the shield users’ back using MOLLE attachments on a tactical armor vest back panel, or mounted vertically in a backpack worn over a tactical vest, enabling the entire weight of the shield to be comfortably transferred onto the users’ hips.

B-ROC front (pictured affixed to the front of an MRAPS-IV-XL


B-roc™ Ballistic Rough Operations Cover

Protects the ceramic strike face surface from handgun impacts and rough operations handling and can lower to protect MRAPS® Series users’ legs from handguns, shotgun and deflected rifle rounds. Also captures handgun projectiles for ballistic forensic identification and can be detached for use as an independent shield.

Optional for use on MRAPS® Series Extra-Large Size (XL) Models

LED Lighting System

LED Lighting System

High quality LED lighting is an available option on all six models of MRAPS® Series rifle protective shields.  The rugged ultra-lightweight high-intensity LED/Strobe lighting array emits brilliant focused and wide-angle light from the most appropriate mount position, the lower central region of the shield.

Carbon Fiber Monopod collapsed.jpg


Create a stationary standing armored shooting position wherever desired! The Carbon Fiber Monopod is a lightweight portable shield accessory stowed fully collapsed on the interior of any of the six models of MRAPS® Series rifle protective ballistic shields.  

roc™ Non Ballistic Rough Operations Cover

Available option on four ceramic faced MRAPS® Series Models (M3-PP-R, M3-PP-XL, M4-R, M4-XL) for strike face protection of ceramic surfaces.

Belt Hanger for MRAPS-IV.jpg

Belt Clip

The Baker Ballistics™ Belt Clip accessory enables the user of any regular size MRAPS® Series shield to temporarily raise the shield to a higher position than the hands-free standard Dual Bungee / Quick Release support system permits.