• Free-Floating Boltless Handle System
  • Available Colors: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote & Tan
  • Skeletonized ambidextrous adjustable handhold(s) & support hardware for
    additional weight reduction and user comfort
  • Dual bungee hands-free weight support system with quick release
  • SAWS™ ambidextrous “Self Alignment Weapon Support” platforms (2)
  • QuikDon™ – Instant wear neck collar attachment to dual bungee system
  • Provision for instant attachment to optional The Reaper™ exoskeleton support
  • Fastex® female buckles – Provides dual bungee and quick release attachment to
    users’ tactical body armor anchor points (to the drag strap, MOLLE, etc.)
  • Protective padded carrying bag with shoulder strap and handholds



Total Weight: 28.5 lbs (13 kg.)

Dimensions: 34″ (86.4 cm) tall by 20.5″ (52 cm) wide

Model #: M3-PP-XL

Ballistic Components: Proprietary polyethylene and polyuria

Multi-Hit Trauma Reducing Battle-Ready Hardware: Honeycomb,
aluminum, heat-treated steel, Kevlar®, composite, closed-cell foam,
skeletonized throughout for weight reduction

Threat Level(s): Threat Level III++
Composite armor construction includes use of protective coatings, adhesives, and paint which vary in applied thicknesses – completed product weights are generally within plus or minus 3% of advertised total weights.



  • Lighting system: Wide-angle high-intensity LED with remote switch capability

  • The Reaper™exoskeleton carrying system

  • Reaper Optimized Handle System (ROHS) – For use when The Reaper™ is used as the
    exclusive shield support system - provides maximum shield stability & control during
    extremely dynamic operations (i.e., shield contact with hostile combatants, long-range
    shooting accuracy)

  • Rough Operations Cover (ROC) – lightweight & removable high-impact plastic and foam
    padded panel covers the ceramic strike face surface for protection during extreme rough
    operations (i.e., rappelling ops, mountainous terrain, explosive breaching)

  • Ballistic Rough Operations Cover (B-ROC) – This independent & removable level IIIA
    ballistic shield is positioned onto the strike face surface of the MRAPS® Series shield &
    protects the ceramic strike face surface from handgun impacts & potential damage during use in extremely rough operational environments – instantly deploys downwards at
    operator discretion to protect the shield bearers’ legs from handgun, shotgun & deflected rifle rounds - quickly detaches to provide an extra XL sized shield when advantageous (i.e., officer rescue operation)

  •  Carbon Fiber Telescoping Monopod – provides support during stationary shield
    positioning at users’ choice of height off the ground

  •  Custom colors and identification decals available (minimum quantity may apply)

  • Non-ballistic MRAPS®-III++ training shield available

  • Extra Female Fastex® Buckles – enables additional team members to instantly
    hook up the shield’s dual bungee support system to their tactical vest for ready to
    go anchor points