led lighting system

The Baker Ballistics LED lighting system features a remote control activation switch accessed by an adjustable on/off and momentary ribbon switch anatomically located on the adjustable angle handle.  Lightweight and durable stress relief coverings securely attach all wiring to the surfaces of the shield to eliminate wire snagging and breakage.

LED system.jpg


  • LED Light Array – 8 wide angle & 2 focused reflector-type light emitters with protective clear cover mounted in a rugged aluminum body
  • LED Drive Unit – battery housing, battery condition indicator and a 3 position lighting switch for high / low intensity / strobe
  • Remote handle mounted light activation switch – combination click on/off or blip with momentary ribbon pressure 


Model ID:  M-LED-200-6L
Weight:  1.1 (0.5 kg) including batteries
Light Output:  950 lumens on high setting
Run Time:  High 3.5 hour  /  Low 26 hours (continuous)
Batteries:  6 each CR-123 Lithium