Question: Which of the three available MRAPS® Series rifle protective threat levels is the best: Level III+, III++ or IV?

Answer: Selecting the appropriate threat level can greatly reduce the chance of encountering rounds that may penetrate through a ballistic shield. It’s imperative the weapon and ammunition combinations commonly found in the geographic region(s) of operation are all considered during the shield selection process.

Question:  How many multiple hits of rifle projectiles will the six different models of MRAPS® Series NIJ Level IV, Level III++ and Level III+ rifle rated ballistic shields absorb before complete penetration or dangerous hardware failure occurs? 

Answer:  The MRAPS® Series of rifle rated ballistic shields are manufactured utilizing a proprietary combination of military grade polyethylene, carbon fiber, ceramics (on four models), heat and extreme pressure to create the most advanced lightweight and protective personal armor in their respective class.

Question:  Since all MRAPS® Series of rifle protective ballistic shields include the standard Dual Bungee / Quick Release Support System and QuikDon™ Collar, why should an optional The Reaper™ Exoskeleton Support System be considered for use? 
Answer: The patented MRAPS® Dual Bungee / Quick Release Support System is standard equipment and included with all MRAPS® Series shields.  Hanging hands-free, the top edge of the shield is positioned up to the users’ lower head, approximately to the mouth region, with no lifting required.  To obtain total head protection in the full combat body position, the user lifts the weight of the shield upwards a short distance with the support hand via the adjustable Free-Floating Handle System. 

Question: What’s the company history of Baker Ballistics?

Answer: Baker Ballistics was founded in the year 2003 by inventor and highly
experienced shield trainer Lt. Al Baker (NYPD ESU ret.), who partnered with long-
term body armor designer Rick Armellino, a former President of American Body
Armor. The Baker Ballistics team only designs, engineers, and manufactures high-quality
American made protective products, as directed by armor industry leaders with
more than 200 years of combined armor design and manufacturing experience!
Baker Ballistics employees understand peoples’ lives depend upon the quality and
attention to detail required during the manufacturing process, and are frequently
reminded that: Each and every unit of Baker Ballistics protective armor may someday
be needed to save the life of their own family member. All users of Baker Ballistics
products are a family member to someone!