Baker Batshield® Accessories


LED Lighting System

Model # LED-200-6L

High quality LED lighting is an available option on all three models of Baker Batshield® Series handgun protective shields.  The rugged ultra-lightweight and water resistant high-intensity LED / Strobe lighting array emits brilliant focused and wide-angle light from the most appropriate mount position, the lower central region of the shield.

Breakaway Carry Bag – For PatrolBat™

Model # CC-PB-1

Protects PatrolBat™ folded shield and allows for ease of transport while remaining concealed.  The user may suspend the bag from the shoulder strap (included) and position the shield at the side, or rotate the folded shield to the front and obtain ballistic protection beneath their body armor, protecting the groin and femoral artery region.  The shield instantly deploys to the fully open protective position via a quick-release snap shackle, allowing the shield’s wings to automatically open as the bag falls away and the user presents a weapon towards the threat.

Elastic / Velcro SIM Covers™

Model # ELSTC-C-2

Transforms all models of Baker Batshield® foldable shields into force-on-force trainers, and allows easy clean up of popular marker rounds.  SIM Covers™ consist of two machine washable elasticized fabric covers that attach to the hard to clean regions of the frontal armor – the two horizontal elastic tension bands and their corresponding Velcro loop attach pads.

Bungee/Lanyard Extender

Model # EXTND-1

Lengthens the standard permanently attached bungee lanyard when the Baker Batshield® is used by a very large person, or when bulky tactical armor is worn by the user and extra-length is required for comfort or ease of shield support and positioning.