Speed. Surprise. Violence of Action.®

It’s a fact! Timed force-on-force exercises repeatedly and consistently prove the Baker Ballistics line of ballistic shields enhance responder safety and improve the speed to which accurate gunfire is delivered on target. These are advanced military grade composite ballistic shields — the smart choice of protection while confronting armed adversaries.

The Ultimate Ballistic Shield Test

Rethink any mistaken belief that advanced composite ballistic shield designs using military grade ceramics and construction techniques are delicate. Watch an MRAPS® ceramic-faced ballistic shield get pummeled with multiple .300 Winchester Magnum and 5.56mm M855 green tip penetrator rounds.

NIJ Level IV Shield with Support

No wheels required!  Advanced military grade NIJ Level IV rifle rated ballistic shields combined with zero gravity “weightless” exoskeleton support brings high capability armored personal protective equipment (PPE) into environments where armored vehicles don’t fit.